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Rev. Peter Schultz


Camera Shy

Birth:  September 8, 1866 in Poland
Death:  February 9, 1906 in West Seneca, NY

There is very little information on or pictures of Rev.Peter Schultz (may have also gone by Szulca and Szulc). He was born in Zamkowa Gora in Prussian-occupied Poland and studied in Pelpin and in Lille, France. Rev. Peter Schultz was ordained a priest in 1892 and later became a professor of philosophy at the famed Lille University, a position he held for 10 years.


Rev. Peter Schultz was first stationed at Holy Trinity Church in 1903 staying for one month. He was transferred to Our Lady of Czesochowa in North Tonawanda for a brief period before moving to Dunkirk where he built St. Hedwig Church. Rev. Peter Schultza was rector of St. Barbara Church in West Seneca New York (Now Lackawanna) at the time of his death at age 39.

He joined his family in Buffalo around 1906 and had been a resident of the United States for a brief five years, yet he endeared himself to a great number of people due to the different pastorates he held.

Rev. Peter Schultz was known as a tireless laborer for the Church. His funeral was held at Corpus Christi Church in Buffalo, New York and it was well attended.


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