Rev. Michael Dyminski

1903 - 1911

Birth:  October 30, 1869 in Zbioska, Galicja
Death:  1946 in Poland

Michal Dyminski, born October 30, 1869 in Zbioska, Galicja, first attended local schools in the area of Sanok. In 1893, he was accepted at the newly organized Polish seminary in Detroit, MI. 

After his ordination in 1897, Dyminski celebrated his first Mass at Buffalo's St. Adalbert parish. During his stay in the Western New York area, he was first assigned to assist Ks. Jan Pitass at St. Stanislaus parish and then transferred to St. Adalbert and Transfiguration parishes (Buffalo). His tenures as pastor began when he was appointed to St. Casimir parish in November 1898; this was followed by an assignment to Assumption parish in Albion, NY.

In 1903, Dyminski was named pastor of Holy Trinity parish in Niagara Falls, NY. Here he began a great construction program and is credited with having been responsible for the magnificent buildings that make up the parish complex today. In 1911, he left Niagara Falls for Philadelphia, PA.

The 1920s saw Dyminski serving as the popular pastor of the Church of St. Stanislaus, B.M., in St. Joseph, MO. During his years there, the school reached its enrollment peak and the parish prospered. After his tenure in St. Joseph, he was appointed chaplain at the Shrine of the Black Madonna of Czestochowa in Eureka, MO. Dyminski died in 1946 during a visit to Poland.



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